Committed to reaching
mutually agreeable solutions


To transform Dispute Resolution from an adversarial process to a synergistic and holistic process amongst attorneys, professionals and, most importantly, our communities.


To Promote the power of Collaborative Practice for dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation.


Compassion, Fairness, Integrity, Synergy, Pragmatism, Creativity, & Transparency.

History of
Collaborative Law

Collaborative Practice began in the late 1980s and has spread across the United States, Canada, and internationally. Although it has primarily developed in the field of family law, Collaborative Practice has expanded into other areas of law such as probate and general civil practice.

Because these disputes are legal in nature, clients will need Collaborative attorneys as part of their team. Clients continue to build their team by adding appropriate non-legal professionals: typically parenting and communications coaches, neutral financial professionals, and neutral child specialists. Clients may add other professionals as needed, such as vocational and real estate experts.

Your Collaborative Team


Legal Professionals who have seen too much angling for inches in a divorce have discovered a better way to work through your separation, by working together.

Divorce Coach

Changes to your lifestyle can be difficult to consider during and after a life event such as divorce. The Divorce Coach works to provide clarity and confidence that both parties are being heard, and that the rest of your Collaborative Team understand what you want your life to look like after divorce.

Financial Neutral

The Financial Neutral is part of your team who will help create a plan to separate assets. Coming to a resolution here can result in less time fighting, and more security that the division was fair.