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Family law attorney practicing in collaborative divorce, mediation and litigation.23

I am a solo practitioner in Glendale, Arizona (since 2002) and I received my license in 1999. I am a family law attorney and I love what I do. I am thrilled to have received Collaborative Training and believe it is a wonderful opportunity for parents to preserve co-parenting relationships after divorce. For spouse/parents/parties who wish to address family laws in an environment that promotes healthy resolution, the Collaborative is the way to go!

I work primarily with women who have the challenge of a life transition, and the biggest question they need answered is -- "Am I going to be okay?" My passion to be in this amazing career stems from life experience and the divorce I went through. I was in my 40s when I became single again, and I didn't know what I didn't know. The best time for me to meet someone that’s navigating a divorce is before the decree has been signed. Get someone on your team that’s been there done that, has experience with the transition, and is skilled in helping you make decisions when you’re under emotional duress. The same is true if you're widowed -- there is great benefit in having someone on your side to provide guidance through the financial decisions of life. Life transitions come in many forms -- and I'm excited about the opportunity to help people navigate them. Be ready for whatever life hands you!!

Kolette Butler is a native Arizonan and a licensed attorney and psychologist in the state of Arizona. She earned her JD at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at ASU. After law school she clerked on the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One. She then took a position with a national firm working on cases for Fortune 500 companies. During her legal career, a family circumstance prompted Dr. Butler to pursue a doctorate in psychology. She earned her PsyD from Midwestern University and opened a private practice focusing on forensic psychology, trauma and complex mental health issues.

Dr. Butler’s practice focuses on aiding teens and adults in identifying and leveraging their strengths to get unstuck, and create a life they are excited about living. She also consults with attorneys and their clients to assist with communication and managing difficult emotion. She is passionate about human behavior and helping people transition from enduring life to enjoying life. Dr. Butler is a long-time student/participant of mindfulness techniques and mindfulness is a cornerstone of her practice. She is a frequent presenter for groups such as the State Bar of Arizona and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts and enjoys opportunities to share her discoveries with colleagues. Outside of work, Dr. Butler thrives on nature, being with her people, poetry and quality time with her dog.