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David has extensive experience working with a wide range of corporate clients such as Relocation Companies, Bank Trust Departments, Bank Owned Properties, Short Sales, and complex Probate, Divorces and Senior transitions. In addition to being an Associate Broker, David is a licensed Arizona Home Inspector (inactive) and a Maricopa County Superior Court Special Real Estate Commissioner.

With over 30 years in the real estate industry, I have committed myself to providing the best service to my clients. When going through a divorce the clients need to have a all your options available to better understand how best to proceed. It’s important to me to offer a full suite of products and services with first class delivery and execution.

I have developed systems and processes to ensure that we are thorough and helpful to all the families we serve. For our professional partners we provide information to assist with the case file regarding the secured house debt through our Divorce Mortgage Guidance Program.

My partnership with Nations Lending and The Divorce Solutions Team provides me with all the tools I need to ensure I can offer everyone the best services available to meet their needs.."

Family Law Attorney

Meredith Dekker, ChFC®, CDFA® founded Dekker Financial Services in 2002 with an emphasis on holistic financial planning for business and life. As a CDFA®, she also guides divorcing individuals and couples through the financial aspects of the divorce process. Meredith is the author of “The Fabric of a Storyteller” as well as a public speaker. Having lived in Phoenix for more than 20 years, Meredith loves spending time with her family, as well as her community.